The Art of
Connecting Deeply

in Love. in Life. in Self.


Rise Above …

.. the ordinary and realize ..

  • Loving, Passionate Relationships

  • Fulfilling, Rewarding Careers

  • Meaningful, Purposeful Life

Using the P.O.W.E.R. method, you will experience profound breakthroughs in all aspects of life.


Realize your Dreams

for individuals and couples

Deepen your Love for Life!

Get ready for new beginnings,
Explore new possibilities for love,
Rekindle your existing relationships and
Connect with your Self and passion for Life ...


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Art of Connecting Deeply

The Art of Connecting Deeply Program provides practical, empowering tools to help you gain deeper perspective on your relationships and where you are in your life. During this highly transformative journey, you will gain deeper perspectives on personal & professional relationships and realize that you hold the key to deeply connecting with your Self, Others, and Life.

Rising Wednesdays

Starting 9/11/19, you're invited to join our live show on exploring your burning questions on relationships every Wednesday at 7pm PST via our Facebook Group "The Art of Connecting Deeply". You can become a member, by clicking here. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Community Programs

Rise 2 Realize is a non-profit dedicated to offer Self-Empowerment Programs to all demographics of the society without any discrimination of race, color, or gender. We currently have two active programs: "Conscious Parenting" empowers parents to establish deeper connections with their children and family. "Women Rise Above" empowers women to activate their powerful inner resources to find their authentic voice.


The Art of Connecting Deeply Program

Stop repeating the same patterns
And past mistakes, and get ready
For a joyful and fulfilling life.

Learn the Art of Connecting Deeply.

Starts October 11 weekend ..


Our Team



At some point in our lives, we may feel stuck, lost, and confused.

Sometimes, that state of being is an invitation for us to take actions. And that’s exactly how Arda’s personal transformation journey started, right there, in July 2006.

In the heights of his successful career and happy marriage, Arda started to feel anxious and depressed. He soon realized that he lost his motivation to continue in his finance career, and also felt extremely confused in his marriage. In this dark state, he turned his attention to self-awareness and looked for the underlying reasons of why all of a sudden he felt this emptiness within himself and in his life.

Now, a Life Coach, Reiki and Qigong Master, Author of The Seeker’s Manual, and a Spiritual Mentor to many, Arda has combined all of these tools and methods together in his profound method, called P.O.W.E.R. technique. He feels honored and blessed to have connected with his calling and passion for life.

Julie Jobak


My passion in life is to support others by sharing techniques and strategies that allow us to have inner peace, confidence, self empowerment and to become problem solvers.

I have a Masters in Educational Counseling and a Pupil Personnel Services Credential.

I'm trained in Restorative Practices and am certified in Reiki.

I've been a school counselor for the last 18 years and now have the pleasure of being able to reach more of the population by joining Rise2Realize.

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