Rise 2 Realize

self-empowerment against all triggers in life


Switch from React to Respond

What makes you react to certain situations and people? Why do you take things personally and lose control over your emotions?

Our Rise 2 Realize method walks you through the science behind your emotional reactions and shows you how to respond to any triggers in your life through a mindfulness based empowerment technique, called P.O.W.E.R.

The transformative qualities of this technique will bring balance and renewed energy into your chaotic life.

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Realize your Dreams

for individuals and couples

Deepen your Love for Life!

Get ready for new beginnings,
Explore new possibilities for love,
Rekindle your existing relationships and
Connect with your Self and passion for Life ...


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Unleash your Potential



This is heart-centered work. You will learn practical and empowering tools to help you gain deeper perspectives on your personal and romantic relationships. During this highly transformative journey, you will gain profound insights on who you are authentically and where you are in your life to realize that it is you who holds the key to deeply connect with your Self, Others, and Life.


This is body-centered work. You will learn to get out of your head, and drop into your body to tune in to its intelligence to find joy and happiness in the obligations mundane world. Through this awakening to your own body, you will naturally start eating healthier, move your body more, allocate more “me” time, set your personal boundaries easier and flow with ease and grace.


This is mind-centered work. You will learn to deeply connect with your career or find a new one that is truly your passion and calling. You will develop a profound mental clarity to perform better and stay more focused on everything you do. Through this connection, you will find successful paths to enhance in your career or start a new one with inner strength and unyielding vision.


The Art of Connecting Deeply Group

Stop repeating the same patterns
and past mistakes, and get ready
for a joyful and fulfilling life.

We are here to answer your burning questions on relationships, personal, professional and romantic.

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Our Team


Arda Ozdemir
Executive Coach

Julie Jobak
Program Director
Life Coach

Sandie Anderson
Board Member
Advisory Consultant

Ron Morita
Board Member
Advisory Consultant

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