The Seeker’s Manual

It was February 2011, when Arda left his VP, Finance role at one of Silicon Valley’s high-tech start-up companies. That was the end of his 20-year corporate career. 

At the time, he had only 4 regular clients that he was seeing on a weekly basis.

The following six months, his coaching and healing practice grew in three fold, and in one year, he was booked out, seeing close to thirty clients a week.

There was one question that was constantly asked: “From finance to healing? How did you make the transition? What happened? How can I find my calling?”

The Seeker’s Manual became the answer to those questions.

Arda’s transformation journey, what he called “Journey Within” became the message of The Seeker’s Manual and outlined the roadmap that many used to embark on their own hero’s journey to face the fears that held them back.

The key to The Seeker’s Manual is its practicality.

You can’t really just read it. You need to take it with you to the streets, to your work, to your relationships, to your home.

Step-by-step, it guides you through the pathways of a profound transformation journey that is your own.
We made the whole book available for you to review on Amazon Look Inside.

Go and take a look.

As you review the pages, see if it speaks to you.

If it does, order a copy, and start marking The Seeker’s Manual’s pages with your comments, experiments and experiences of this new life that you started to feel, sense, and taste.

You and your life will never be the same.

Only if you choose to rise above the ordinary.


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