Women Rise Above

Join us for a 2 hour interactive workshop to rise above any challenging situations and people as we constantly face today.

Learn practical tools, build community, and create a future that is deeply based on our values and rests on solid foundations of equality, authenticity and openness.

At the end of our gathering, you will feel empowered to rise above and take part in the collective shift to higher consciousness that we’re witnessing today.

This free community workshop is facilitated by Jane and Arda of Rise 2 Realize, R2R.org, dedicated to bring balance and clarity for individual empowerment for one’s full potential.

Let us ALL …

Come together.
Heal together.
Rise together.

This is a free community event. No RSVP required.

Join us on March 16, 2019 from 10am – 12pm at 305 N California Ave, Palo Alto.


Jane Reeder is a writer, facilitator, and mediator who has worked with hundreds of people to resolve conflict with breakthrough results. Jane’s work is based on mindfulness, non-violent communication, and investigating beliefs.

Arda Ozdemir is an executive coach and creator of POWER method, a self-empowerment method to rise above the challenging situations and difficult people to fully realize one’s potential. He also practices Reiki energy healing and teaches Qigong meditation techniques.

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    Promise it will be Great!

A unique pathway towards balance, joy and fulfillment!

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