Self-Realization Course

we live subject to two universal laws:

law of seven and law of three

without the practical knowledge and application of these laws, we are bound to live within our limiting life patterns and keep re-acting to trigger events – which makes us feel exhausted and stuck.

instead, we can apply certain self-empowerment techniques to

rise to the occasion (law of three – by neutralizing active and passive forces within us) and

realize our highest potential (law of seven – by manifesting a better outcome for higher consciousness at the time of stress).

you can apply these techniques to any situation, in all aspects of your life!!

what’s involved?

step 1: empowerment: breaking free from your limiting patterns

step 2: self-love: bringing joy, love and new energy into your life

step 3: awakening: learning about your strengths and innate gifts

step 4: mastery: taking control of your life and living consciously

step 5: realization: finding your calling and realizing your higher self


* find your purpose and live a joyful and fulfilling life

* attract abundance and prosperity

* create loving relationships

* live your dreams


  • fall semester starts on wednesday, september 20
  • 7 wednesdays, except for october 4tt
  • from 7 – 8.30pm
  • at 2251 high st, palo alto
  • self-realization course fee $475

to register

For more information feel free to contact us:

A unique pathway towards balance, joy and fulfillment!

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