Journey Within Pledge

The Journey Within is a life long process and requires inward attention and conscious actions to liberate the parts of your ego, which is made up of your Conditioned Self who acts per your internal programming and your Initial Persona who lives in fear.

By working through these layers of ego, you can liberate your Authentic Self and embrace life as is.

When you start living as your Authentic Self, the flow of life synchronizes with higher energies such as joy, fulfillment, gratitude, love, compassion, trust, surrender and inner peace.

By signing the Journey Within Pledge, you make this process part of your life and commit yourself to your self-realization.

The Pledge

I hereby pledge that I will apply the principles of The Seeker’s Manual to my life experiences and ..

  1. Become aware of my conditioned self through the self-observation practice.
  1. Understand my life conditioning and my vulnerability with self-compassion.
  1. Approach my intense emotions, such as anger, sadness, resentment and so on that are coming up as part of my life review with compassion and recognize that dealing with repressed emotions is part of my journey within.
  1. Do my best to communicate and reconcile with people who have played a major role in forming my life conditioning.
  1. Expand my self-boundaries by courageously facing my underlying fears.
  1. Conduct internal investigation to dig deeper into my thought patterns and belief systems.
  1. Ground and center myself in order to consciously adjust my re-actions in lieu of defending my conditioned self.
  1. Pay attention to my defense mechanisms and recognize my aggressive, passive-aggressive, passive or addictive behaviors whose purpose is merely to make me stay in my comfort zone and protect my conditioned self.
  1. Acknowledge my underlying fears and accept my vulnerability as it is and commit to express my thoughts and emotions assertively without the mask of my conditioned self.
  1. Clarify my heart and mind values in order to consciously choose actions that are aligned with my heart that will bring more joy and fulfillment into my life.
  1. Be grateful for the things that I already have in my life and appreciate how my life flows in certain areas of my life.
  1. Share my love and compassion with others by putting myself in their shoes, listening to them attentively and accepting them as who they are, without any judgment and label.
  1. Observe my new flow in life as I acknowledge every synchronicity I encounter and keep choosing the opportunities that are aligned with my authenticity to open my energy to higher flow of life.
  1. Cherish my journey within as a life long process and value every experience as a path towards my self-realization.
  1. Surrender and trust life fully with my intuitive intelligence and wisdom that life embodies every aspect of me, as I embrace every aspect of life as is.

11 seekers have signed the pledge so far.

A unique pathway towards balance, joy and fulfillment!

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