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Journey Within for Professionals
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Your subconscious runs your life. The fear-based internal programming within your subconscious controls your thoughts, emotions and actions. This survival mechanism creates stress and anxiety, depletes your energy and holds you back from your full potential in life.

The Journey Within workshop utilizes practical self-awareness tools and energy balancing breathing techniques along with qigong meditation and grounding practices to help you (i) control your emotional reactions to stop the energy drainage, (ii) challenge your underlying fears to release energy blockages and (iii) connect with your true essence to rejuvenate your energy.

By gaining self-knowledge and a deeper understanding of your life, you will be able to connect with your inner power and find your authentic self.

At the end of this highly practical and interactive course, you will:

• Understand the reasons behind your intense emotional reactions, and stay centered and grounded when under stress or facing challenges,
• Overcome your fears that hold you back from your goals, aspirations and dreams,
• Acquire tools and techniques to connect with your inner power, stay focused on the task at hand and effectively communicate your thoughts and emotions,
• Liberate yourself from your negative inner dialogue and limiting patterns and sharpen your concentration to improve your problem solving skills,
• Manage your energy effectively to stop feeling exhausted and be more present, productive and efficient, and
• Discover your strengths and honor your values to allow your ultimate life path to unfold toward your highest potential.




A unique pathway towards balance, joy and fulfillment!

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