R2R Mentorship Certification

Are you called to mentor others on their transformation journey?

If you are .. I have some exciting news for you!!

I’m offering a Rise 2 Realize Mentorship Certification Program, on the first weekend of December (12/1-12/3).

In case, you’ve felt a calling, even a slightest hint, or quietest voice telling you that you could be a mentor guiding people towards more joy and fulfillment, consider this R2R Mentorship Certification Program as an invitation to fulfill your own unique life purpose.

In this program, you’ll learn

– how to identify people’s limiting life patterns and guide them to break free from old habits
– how to use/apply Energetic Triangles, i.e. setting the Law of Tree, on your client’s body
– how to guide your clients to realize their full potential and live a life of their dreams
– how to help them through the difficulties in their relationships and find love and compassion
– how to set up your practice and attract your clients and bring more abundance into your life

Certification Requirements:

* Initial admission interview.. please call or email me to set this up..
* Participation in 7-week Self-Realization course (starts on 9/20, completes on 11/8)
* Completion of 3-day R2R Mentorship Training (12/1-12/3) cost: Graduate: $575 – Non-Graduate: $775
* Co-facilitation of future Self-Realization course will be offered (optional – coaching opportunities will be provided, if you’d like to be part of Rise 2 Realize non-profit organization)

Looking forward to working together to empower people to create more joy and fulfillment in their lives.

With love and light,


PS If you have any questions or comments, please use the Contact Form below to get in touch with me.

A unique pathway towards balance, joy and fulfillment!

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