R2R Mentorship Certification

Please join me for the “Rise 2 Realize Mentorship Certification” program to train and qualify as a R2R mentor to teach and practice mindfulness based empowerment tools to guide your clients, family and friends for a better life.

Be an agent of hope and change.

The certification program will include the following:

* How to understand what’s going on in your client’s life

You will learn to effectively identify the life patterns, thought and belief systems, and emotional reactions to facilitate deeper insights and breakthroughs for your clients.

* How to spot the energy blockages on your client that prevent them from realizing their personal and professional goals

You will learn to recognize where they’re at, and notice the level of energy they bring into their life.

* How to communicate with your clients and provide empowering guidance

You will learn powerful techniques to be an open and trustworthy communication channel for their breakthroughs.

* How to set up your practice and attract your clients who are aligned with you and bring more abundance into your life

You will practice what you preach, and be the best example of the Work for your clients, family and friends. Then, welcome the love and abundance flowing into your life with open arms. Live the magic!

Specific tools you will learn and practice:

* Fundamental Reiki and Qigong healing techniques

* Client Assessment Form and Questionnaire

* Integration of Polarities, desires and fears

* Power Technique to be “here and now”


The program will have plenty of interactive sessions and opportunity to practice and work with others.

When: September 7-9, 2018

Friday 6-8pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm

Where: 305 N California Ave, Fellowship Hall. Palo Alto, CA 94301

Investment: $575, includes Reiki Manual, Mentorship Workbook, The Seeker’s Manual (book), Client Acceptance Forms, Monthly Group Meetings, and hands-on internship opportunity with Rise 2 Realize non-profit organization.

As part of the mentorship program, I’m dedicated to offer you all the individual support and guidance you need to empower yourself and others. To that extent, you’ll be invited to monthly mentors’ circle, as well as take part in workshops.

Let’s guide others together for a better life.

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