episode 1 beginning to see the system of lifeEpisode 1: Beginning to See the System of Life

I wonder how many of you can recognize your life patterns in your professional and personal relationships? How many of you see the same arguments and complaints repeating over and over again? They never end.

My friends, we need to find a way to get out of this vicious cycle, but before we do that – we need to understand them. We need to figure out why they happen to us.



episode 2 holiday stress relief meditationEpisode 2: Holiday Stress Relief Meditation

Another holiday season, and we’re bound to stress out again. We have to find another way to respond to triggers differently than previous years. If not, we’ll face the exact same cycle. So here’s a talk and a guided meditation on how to effectively deal with the thoughts impacting our emotional reactions, and how to energetically release them from our body for the most balanced and grounded holiday season… ever!!


Episode 3: Self-Observation Meditation

The Self-Observation Meditation is the first key practice in the Journey Within method, as described in The Seeker’s Manual.

Mastering this technique naturally allows you to create space between you and your thoughts. As a result, you slow down your emotional reactions to trigger events and make better decisions by being consciously present in the moment.







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