Energy Work

arda_ozdemirWe are energy beings…

Since the day we are born, what we learn from our life situations and the way we interpret them are all stored within our energy. These interpretations become our thought patterns and belief systems and influence our perceptions and how we see the world. We can trace these perceptions in all our actions today.

There is one issue though! Our perceptions are based on our underlying fears. Growing up, we operate under our survival instinct. We develop our thoughts and beliefs to protect ourselves and hide our vulnerability. To that extent, in order to feel safe, we repress our true thoughts and emotions that form energy blockages and bring our energy level down.

At low energy levels, we fear even more and feel powerless to take any actions to break limiting life patterns that hold us back from our highest potential.

The individual self-empowerment sessions combine Reiki and Qigong energy healing modalities with cognitive principles of Life Coaching. Each session brings an empowering new perspective to your life situations that expands your self-awareness and helps you release your energy blockages for a more joyful and fulfilling life.

20- min Complimentary Consultation

As your first step, I recommend you to schedule a complimentary consultation at my Palo Alto office, so that you can find out how the energy healing sessions can provide empowering tools and transformative solutions to your specific situation.

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