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11 – Exploring the System of Life for Happiness!

Life is an Emotional Rollercoaster Ride.. one moment you’re happy.. then, something happens, and you’re feeling down .. Examples are plenty .. starting a new job .. dating someone .. going to a friend’s party .. first, you’re excited .. engaged, hopeful.. emotionally solid.. energetic .. Then, something happens, someone is in your  way to […]


10 – We Live for Love

It was a Spring evening in Istanbul, about 36 years ago, when my dad invited me to a business dinner he was planning to have with one of his clients from Germany. I was 15 then. The reason for the invitation was that I spoke German – I was going to German High School in Istanbul […]

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5 – Managing Holidays

Another holiday season is upon us, and we all have expectations and certain images of what we’d like to experience in holiday spirits .. For most of us, this is our favorite season of all. Families and communities get together in their festive spirit to celebrate life. It is a time of reunion in joy, […]

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