R2R 5 self-observation meditation image

R2R 5 Self-Observation Meditation

The Self-Observation Meditation is the first key practice in the Rise 2 Realize method, as described in The Seeker’s Manual. Mastering this technique naturally allows you to create space between you and your thoughts. As a result, you slow down your emotional reactions to trigger events and make better decisions by being consciously present in […]

hurrican harvey image

R2R 3 Hurricane Harvey Relief

As we all experience the devastation that Hurricane Harvey caused in Houston, I’d like to offer the following guided meditation to all who are, directly or indirectly, affected, in the hope to provide some relief to all mental, emotional and physical suffering we’re facing. Wishing everyone a quick recovery and return to well-being. When you’re […]

Found Presence Image

R2R 2 Found Presence

A few weeks ago, I was shooting the first episode for Rise 2 Realize (live on Facebook) …  and something very interesting happened .. I found Presence .. You probably saw the video on the Rise 2 Realize FB page (watch it here) .. or on YouTube (check it out) It took all together 5 […]

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