Reveal to Me

Reveal to Me

  I found myself sitting at a café in the afternoon of a rainy Saturday, somewhere in California, Northern parts to be exact.. As usual, watching people.. why this act enjoys me, I have no idea .. but looking at people walk by, makes me think about all these masks they carry .. And I […]

Self-Observation Meditation

The Self-Observation Meditation is the first key practice in the Journey Within method, as described in The Seeker’s Manual. Mastering this technique naturally allows you to create space between you and your thoughts. As a result, you slow down your emotional reactions to trigger events and make better decisions by being consciously present in the […]


Managing Holiday Stress

Happy Holidays everyone! For most people, this is the favorite season of all. Families and communities get together in their festive spirit to celebrate life. It is a time of reuniting in joy, gratitude, love and compassion. For some of us though, holiday season may also mean stress and anxiety. If you’re one of those […]

Being in the Now

Be In the Now! But How?

One of the most-used terms of the 21st Century has to be the term “live in the present”. I totally get what it means, and I’m sure you do too. To recap, it basically means that we shouldn’t be thinking or feeling regret about what happened or what we did in the past (as there […]

Mountain climber

Achieving Goals

Some portion of our “welcoming the new year” activities includes writing down our personal goals that we’d like to accomplish in the New Year. As you write these goals down, some of them may be familiar to you as they were in the previous year’s “to do” list as well. It may be frustrating to […]

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