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a meditation app for day-to-day life

Go Within is a meditation app to empower you navigate through the ups and downs of the challenges of the day-to-day life. Once you walk through the cause and effect of a trigger event in the app, you’ll be guided to energetically release the negative emotions and thoughts related to the trigger. Each guided meditation is tailored to calm your mind, enhance your self-awareness, and balance your energy.

Cutting Edge Approach

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Step 1

The journey of self-empowerment starts with noticing your emotional reactions to people or situations.

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Step 2

Then, identify what exactly happened and who or what triggered you to emotionally react in that particular way.

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Step 3

Time to Go Within: How did this person or situation make you feel? Observe your thoughts and feelings to understand your perceptions about your specific trigger events.

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Step 4

Self-Empowerment: Choose one of the guided meditations to empower yourself to release the negative effects of the trigger event and ground yourself and balance your energy.

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A unique pathway towards balance, joy and fulfillment!

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