MAY 19, 2012

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…To the Thirteenth-Annual Junior R2R Relay. 

 We have received your registration and you will find all the details about the race in this packet. 

Important items to note:  

•Special practice for the Paddler on Saturday, May 12th from noon – 2:00 p.m. Don’t forget your life vest.  

•Packet pick-up will be Friday, May 18th from 11:00 to 7:00 pm at CrosSport Performance, 501 S. Wenatchee Avenue, Wenatchee. 

•Practice Day will be held Friday, May 18th from 4:00 to 6:00 pm- the evening before the event. 

•Don’t miss the T-shirt contest day of race May 19th sponsored by Wenatchee Valley Follies Guild 

•Awards to be presented at the finish of each race category  

  •NEW Course and Events!

The paddle leg is back!’

The beginning of the Race includes Basketball Dribble, then you tag off to the Runner, (Run Course has been modified) Runner tags the Paddler who will enter the lagoon at the north end of the lagoon, the Paddler will tag the Biker who will head South on the Cycling Course. Biker will tag the Obstacle Course team mate who will go through the Obstacle Course provided by Trinity Inflatables. After the Obstacle Course, team mates will tag up at the Team Sprint area and sprint as a team to the Finish Line.

Course Practice Day, May 18th: The course will be set up for you to practice on the evening before the race in Walla Walla Point Park. Bring your team to the park and we will be glad to answer all of your questions. The basketball Dribbler can practice dribbling, please bring your basketball to practice, runner, paddler and the biker can try out their legs of the race during Practice Day. Trinity Inflatables will have the entire Obstacle Course set up for you to go through as well.

Packet Pick-Up: This will be held at CrosSport Performance, 501 S. Wenatchee Avenue, Wenatchee. Parents can pick up their team bag between 11:00 - 7:00 pm on Friday, May 18th. We strongly encourage you to check in Friday so that you can make sure you have everything you need and we will have time to answer any questions. If you cannot make the Friday check-in at CrosSport, your team will need to check in at the registration table on race morning in Walla Walla Point Park. Come to the shelter at Walla Walla Point Park and check in according to the following schedule  Please arrive 30 minutes before your race start time. (Race day start times are approximate and subject to change depending on number of participants: 

Race day Check-in time is Approximate and start time is subject to change depending on number of participants.

Iron Racers check in 9:00 - 9:30 for 10:00 Start

Tandem Teams check in 9:30 - 10:00 for 10:30 start

Teams 11-12 check in 10:00-10:30 for 11:00 start

Team 9-10 check in 10:30 - 11:00 for 11:30 start

Teams 7-8 check in 11:00-11:30 for 12:00 start

Teams 5-6 check in 11:30-12:00 for 12:30 start
NOTE: NOTE: We would prefer you check-in on Friday, but if that is not possible, we ask that you check-in only during the assigned times. This will allow registration for other age groups to proceed smoothly and will also allow the start times for each division to remain as scheduled. Also note that while we make every effort to start on time, factors beyond our control may cause some waves to start a bit late. While this may happen, rest assured that we will never start a wave early. Your understanding is appreciated. If you choose to check-in on Friday at CrosSport Performance, 501 S. Wenatchee Avenue, you are welcome to do so anytime between 11:00 - 7:00pm.

** You will receive in your packet one (1) timing transponder commonly called “the timing chip” or “ankle bracelet” used to time the race.  Please follow the simple instructions included in your bag at packet pick-up. The chip must be worn by the team runner during their leg of the race and as they cross the finish line with their team. This chip needs to cross the timing mat on your ankle at the finish line to provide accurate scoring. Not wearing the chip properly may prevent you from being timed.  It is important that you return the ankle bracelet to a volunteer in the corral after you cross the finish line.  If you still have your ankle bracelet after the race or were not present at the race please return it to RSVP to Cross Sport Performance 501 South Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee WA 98801 by May 27, 2012. A $95 replacement fee will be issued to the team captain if you do not return your timing chip.

What to bring: On race day, be sure your basket ball Dribbler brings a basketball and your biker brings their bike and a helmet to the race. (No helmet, then they will not be able to race) Basketballs and helmets will not be provided and your team will not be allowed to race without them. We will give you a team bag at check-in with your timing chip. The chip is to be worn by the team runner during their leg of the race and as they cross the finish line. Without this chip, your team will not receive a time. The time for your team stops when the chip crosses the mat at the finish line. If your runner does not have the chip on as they cross the finish line, the clock will not stop for your team. Corrections cannot be made to your teams time should this occur. 

Your Coca-Cola Jr. R2R shirts will be in your team bag, but you can wear your own team shirts on race day, especially if you are entering the t-shirt contest. We will give you your race numbers and safety pins in your team bag. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU BRING THE BAG, WITH ALL OF ITS CONTENTS, TO RACE DAY. WE WILL NOT HAVE EXTRA SUPPLIES.

Gather Your Team Together: Get your team together near the shelter at Walla Walla Point Park. (If you are checking in on race morning, check in at the shelter and we will give you your team bag, but we highly encourage checking in on Friday.) Pin on your race numbers according to the flier in your team bag and go to your start places. Volunteers will show you where to stand and what to do.

T-Shirt Judging: If your team will be participating in the t-shirt contest, this is the perfect time to show us your creative abilities. Our friendly volunteers will have a booth set up next to the registration pavilion and will be waiting to see your shirts! The judging will take place BEFORE your race.

Staggered Start: Each race category will start in waves of 10 racers and should line up at each station accordingly. There will be approximately 5-10 minutes between each wave depending on number of racers in the category. The next ten racers should line up in the staging area behind them. (ex. Race category 100 – 150, 101 – 110 should be on the line and 111 – 120 behind them.) There will be a volunteer at each station to help line everyone up.

The Basketball Dribbler: The race will start after a countdown. The Dribbler will line up at the race Start line. The Dribbler will run to the Handball Court with the basketball, dribble the ball around a course set up, and then run with the ball around the outside of the handball Court to tag the Runner. After this leg the Dribbler goes to the Team Sprint Station and waits for the other team members to run to the finish line.

The Run Leg:  After being tagged by the Dribbler, the runner runs around the Tennis Courts to the other side of the Playground Area and tags the Paddler. The run leg will be longer for ages 9-12 categories. After this leg the runner goes to the Team Sprint Station and waits with other team members to run to the finish line.

The Paddle Leg: Wear shoes that can get wet. Bring a towel, and dry shoes if you’d like, for after the paddle. The paddler will start out by waiting for the runner on the north end of the lagoon. Volunteers from the Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club will help the paddler into a kayak. The paddler paddles across the lagoon where volunteers assist them out of the kayak. They will run about 10 yards to the Biker who is waiting near the trail. Then, the Paddler goes to the Team Sprint Station on the south side of the obstacle course to wait for the rest of the team to run to the finish line.

The Bike Leg: The Biker starts just south of the lagoon. Once the Paddler tags the Biker, the Biker can start. The bike course heads South on the paved trail. Racers in the 5-6 category will see a big sign directing them to their short cut. All other racers will go straight pass that sign and turn right further South down the bike course, and then circle back to the bike transition area. The bike course from here will be on the grass until the transition area. The Biker will get off of their bike and run to tag the Obstacle Course team mate. After this leg, the Biker goes to the Team Sprint Station and waits with other team members to run to the finish line.

The Obstacle Course:  Fun and new Obstacle Course is being provided by Trinity Inflatables.  The items used for the obstacle course will be the Iceberg Challenge and the Outlaw and the HoopShot Challenge.  Check them out at After the two Obstacle Course team mates go through the course, they will tag up with the rest of their team. Then the whole team will go through all parts of the Trinity Inflatables Obstacle Course.  

The Finish: As soon as all racers have finished the obstacle course, the whole team will portage, as one group, to the Finish Line. The team cannot go until all team members are at the meet up point. There will be a special flag-lined sprint lane for this portage. The team crosses the finish line and turns their timing chip to race officials. Team captains that do not return the timing chips on race day will be charged a $95.00 fee. Medals, entertainment, ice cream, fruit, cookies and drinks are available for all of the racers.

Awards: Awards to be presented at the finish of each race category! Shortly after the last wave of racers has finished a race category, there will be an awards ceremony at the finish line. Special recognition will be given for the top three finishers in each age category and the Winners of the t-shirt contest will be announced. 

PARKING: Parking at Walla Walla Point Park is limited. You might want to carpool.  Please park in designated areas only.  Cars parked in nondesignated areas will be towed at the owner’s expense. Overflow parking is available across the street in the Town Toyota Center parking lot.
 If you have any questions, you can call the RSVP race office at 670-7687 or email us at

We’ll see you at Practice Day on Friday, May 18th
On RACE DAY on Saturday, May 19th !

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