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The race is broken down into six distinctive legs. Each leg can be completed by an individual of a team, or all the legs can be completed by a single individual known as an 'Ironman'. A better breakdown of the legs can be seen below.

Cross Country Ski Leg
The Nordic leg will feature a three-stage, staggered start beginning near the top of Mission Ridge. It is three miles long and is a continuous loop, featuring up and downhill terrain.

Downhill Ski Leg
The Nordic to Alpine exchange features a 75-100 yard run uphill by the alpine team member before the racer puts on skis. The course is entirely groomed and features giant slalom and downhill gates.

Run Leg
The Run leg begins at the Mission Ridge Ski Area parking lot and ends in Squilchuck State Park. It is approximately 4 1/2 miles of moderate to moderately steep downhill running on an asphalt road.


Cycle Leg
The Cycle leg begins at Squilchuck State Park and travels 19 miles of evenly mixed and alternating downhill, flat and uphill roads. Scenery abounds on this cours, with a blend of forested woodland, quiet city streets and orchard country. The cylclist hasds off to the boaters at the Wenatchee River County Park at Monitor.


Canoe/Kayak Leg

The Wenatchee course starts at Wenatchee River County Park at Monitor, boaters paddle their way through 5 miles of Class I and II water in the Wenatchee River and 3 miles of Class I water in the Columbia River and will finish at the lagoon at Walla Walla Point Park.   The Columbia course paddle leg joins into the Wenatchee course by starting at Confluence State Park to paddle  the 3 miles of Class I water in the Columbia River and all will finish  at the lagoon at Walla Walla Point Park.

Both the Wenatchee River Course and the Columbia Short Course will make the loop around the 5th Street pump station and return upriver to Walla Wall Point Park for the Portage Leg.

Portage Leg
The final leg is a 1/4 mile sprint from the lagoon to the finish line at Walla Walla Point Park. Any or all team member can make this sprint to the finish. Iron and Tandem divisions carry only their paddles and life jackets.


The Columbia Course:20-mile challenge, 6 stages

The Columbia Course follows the same ski legs and run leg as the Wenatchee Course. On the bike leg, in the Chatham Hill area, the Columbia course turns east toward the Columbia river to an exchange zone at Confluence State park. at Confluence, they will pass off to the boaters, who will make the loop around the 5th Street pump station and return upriver to Walla Wall Point Park. and continue the race on the traditional portage/sprint finish. This is an opportunity for students, novice and recreational participants to race a modified bike course and water leg that are both shorter and less technically challenging than the Wenatchee Course. The bike leg is approximately 10 miles and the water leg is 3 miles.


Eco Boomer Course, Ages 13-17: 14-mile challenge, 3 stages

Starting at lincoln park, the Eco Boomers will run 3 miles around the park, then cycle the R2R short Course to Confluence park, then Kayak to Walla Walla park (Eco Boomers will not make the 5th Street pump station loop, but will travel directly from Confluence to Walla Walla Point Park), and run across the finish line.

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