14 – Creative Outlets + Guided Meditation

Living in the digital age, now more than ever, it is important that we pull away from technology allowing our minds to run free and inner joy to shine outward. In this episode, Arda, Jane, and Stephanie discuss the interplay of creativity, happiness, joy, and mental shifts. From writing poems to painting to pottery to cooking and beyond, creative outlets can take any form that is meaningful to you. The hurdle often times is accepting the format in which your creative outlet appears. Yes, this may mean singing at the top of your lungs off key, dressing differently than your friends, or even writing a dark poem. The key is to let that energy flow!

Our beautiful episode kicks off with an original poem by Arda, and ends with a creative awakening meditation.

Please share what your creative outlets are in the comments below and show us what they are using #RiseAbove on Social Media.

**Master your energy. Master your life.**

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