Image_12 We Lost Too Many

12 – We Lost too Many People to Depression

Enough is enough .. We’ve lost too many people to depression ..

Anthony Bourdain .. Kate Spade .. Robin Williams .. and many before them.. many in between and many more we may lose in the future ..

Famous or not .. this is an open letter to you  .. may your soul rest in peace and covered in light ..

I guess you did what you had to do ..

And to be honest, I’m trying to understand this incomprehensible thing that you had to go through ..

When I tap into your energy, I hear you loud and clear .. I sense your pain and suffering..

I didn’t want to lose you .. but I also know how painful life could be .. I can only relate to you from my own experience.. and I know how powerless we could feel, how meaningless everything around us could be…

It doesn’t matter who you are though .. how accomplished  .. how powerful  .. how famous  .. how wealthy  .. how successful  ..

We’re subject to same life, same suffering, same vulnerability ..

Hard to admit it sometimes but I have my share of darkness ..  and keep facing desperate hours from time to time ..

We all carry it inside .. and I wish one day we could all rise up against the rules of society that shame us for being vulnerable, for being weak, for not being good enough ..

I wish we could all rise up against the pressures of society that force us to be strong, that push us to be tough ..

I believe the time has come for all of us to acknowledge that we have a weak side .. we have vulnerabilities .. we have low points .. we have things that we’re working on ..

It’s time for all of us to share and declare what we’re going through and show each other what we’re hiding inside ..

To those facing unbearable challenges of life.. I’m not interested in looking at your mask of strength ..

just show me what’s going on within you, so that I can relate to you .. so that I can open my heart to you and tell you how much I’m suffering too..

We don’t need to hide things from each other .. we belong to the same family .. same breed ..

I don’t want to see your mask anymore .. a mask I used to admire .. a mask that used to inspire ..

I want to love the one within you .. with all of your vulnerabilities, with all of your weaknesses, with all of your insecurities..

I want to love all of you .. without judgment .. but with my own vulnerability .. I want us to heal our wounds together ..

And I want you to see my vulnerability ..  listen to what I’m going through .. I want you to know how much crap I carry in my head … how anxious I become when facing people .. or how lonely I feel in my busy world ..

You will see ..  you will see that you and I are not different ..

We both feel ashamed to be weak .. embarrassed to be nobody ..

Yes, I’m not different than you .. you are me, as much as I am you.. you hold my heart .. as much as I hold yours .. we’re all subject to the same system.. same suffering .. same pain ..

There is no other way my friend .. but to go through this pain .. we need to feel it in our bodies, we need to process it with our souls until we go through this pain .. together .. shoulder to shoulder ..

You know why .. because we are humans .. we belong together.. we’re supposed to grow together out of this pain .. through this pain ..

Let us acknowledge our suffering .. let us not suppress our pain anymore ..

This is an invitation for all of us to stay with our vulnerabilities .. to be open to our weaknesses .. to sit with our pain .. and maybe share it with someone .. not to be cheered up, not to be taken out of our miseries, but to share our humanness ..

I don’t want to wear my thick mask in the name of hiding my vulnerability ..

I’m tired of burying my fears, insecurities, anxieties inside my heavy heart..

And now I’m desperately wondering when we are able to let go off our masks .. ??

Maybe time has come to share who we are .. maybe time has come for our darkness we carry inside to see some light .. and maybe today is the day we become courageous enough to open the doors of our aching hearts to the world  .. and let them see how human we are .. how vulnerable we are .. how much pain we are in ..

Tell me what do you accomplish being so tough out there .. trying to prove that you are someone .. or something ..

I have no objection that YOU are accomplished .. successful.. at the top of your game .. but also tell me your personal story .. tell me how human you are.. how vulnerable you feel .. what your fears are .. what you’re running away from ..

I want to know you ..

So just tell me who you really are ..

Let me love you as you are .. like a simple human being, with desires and fears, with strengths and insecurities ..

Like everyone else..

Life seems serious at times .. but, at the end of the day, it’s all left behind when we leave here ..

What stays with us is our experiences ..

Our experiences that are fully lived .. experienced at the soul level ..

What matters is how you weave life within your soul…

Yes, you guessed it right my friend as you look down on me from the heavens above..

Yes, you guessed it right ..

The only way forward is through our vulnerability ..

Through our humanness ..

We’re here to experience life.. and that means facing our suffering .. together .

Next time, please stay open to live .. let me see you .. and allow me to love every part of you .. your strengths and insecurities.. your desires and fears ..

As you are me, I am you ..

Rest in Peace covered in Light ..

Arda @

<image credit: Alex @ Over App>




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