10 – We Live for Love

It was a Spring evening in Istanbul, about 36 years ago, when my dad invited me to a business dinner he was planning to have with one of his clients from Germany. I was 15 then.

The reason for the invitation was that I spoke German – I was going to German High School in Istanbul then and I guess my dad wanted me to practice my German.

The dinner was normal, usual business dinner. The conversations were not that interesting for a teenager. So I was getting bored.. but something happened and woke me up…our guest, the German business man, posed me a question that no one had asked me until then:

“Arda, hast Du Dich verliebt?”

Which meant .. have you ever been in love?”

I was like .. what .. hmmm… what kind of question is that for a teenager?

I wanted to say…

Ja, aber naturlich Herr Schneider .. yes, but of course Mr Schneider.. –

but I didn’t….

Instead .. I said ..nein..niemals.. nope, never..

Well.. I was a shy young man at the time and didn’t want to reveal all of my cards..


Now let me ask you the same question ..

How many times have you fallen in love? .. and how many times of falling is enough to find the one?

I hope you have as many as you could have, as there lies the beauty of life.. where you feel the love in every cell in your body .. and sense that jubilant, exuberant electricity running through your veins .. raising you to the clouds of heaven .. and its bliss making you feel invincible against the mighty threat of any daring ..

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