8 – Sometimes, I don’t feel good enough, and that’s ok!

We attempt to discuss our unexpressed feelings, mainly not being good enough. Why do we feel not good enough? And what do we do when we feel down, and insecure? Even though, many of us feel this way, we’re afraid of those negative feelings and keep them suppressed. We need to learn new tools to deal with the stress and anxiety these negative feelings bring into our lives.

In reality, we can’t negotiate with our feelings, and can’t control what we want to feel. These emotions naturally arise as a result of people and situations. We can only learn to stay grounded, and accept what’s coming up.

This episode is great for: dealing with stress and anxiety, depression, fears of not being good enough, personal transformation, personal growth, spiritual growth, empowerment, love, compassion, kindness to yourself and to others, fulfillment. self-awareness, embodiment.


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