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2 – Found Presence

A few weeks ago, I was shooting the first episode for Rise 2 Realize (live on Facebook) …  and something very interesting happened ..

I found Presence ..

You probably saw the video on the Rise 2 Realize FB page (watch it here) .. or on YouTube (check it out)

It took all together 5 takes to do it..

First 4 were disaster… I couldn’t go beyond the second sentence.. I was too anxious ..

I was shooting it at a park near my house.. and getting distracted by tons of locomotion around the park.. Nothing was working..

After 4 tries, I had to stop and head to the office as I had a client coming in at noon..

When I arrived to my office.. it was 20 minutes to 12..

I thought maybe I can try one more time ..

I immediately grabbed my iPhone and went to another park near my office.. and set everything up..

But I realized that I was getting more anxious .. cause I now had only 15 mins left for a 7-min video..

And on top of that, I was genuinely worried as the first 4 takes were a disaster, and there was no reason that this one would be any different ..

I had promised to myself that I was going to do my first R2R video on July 11, 2017.. in other words.. 7.11.17 (what can I say… I’m a numbers guy!) ..

And I had back to back sessions the whole afternoon, so I didn’t have any other time that day to shoot this video..

So the pressure was on .. big time ..

And the question remained: how was I going to make this take the final one?

Then, I started pumping myself up.. I said.. yes, Arda! you can do it!! .. You got this, man!..

Even though that got me excited for a few seconds, it didn’t feel genuine and as a result, it wasn’t that much help to overcome my anxiety ..

Now, I had only 12 minutes left.. the clock was ticking!!

Torn between.. Yes, I can do it .. and No, I’m going to fail again.. I was seriously tensing up ..

Then, this strange thing happened..

I decided to take a step back from all of that.. from the positive .. and from the negative..

While I was removing myself from the situation (energetically), I took a deep breath in.. and exhaled all the tension I was feeling in my body and released all of it into the earth..through the bottoms of my feet..

In that moment, I felt no tension, a weird calmness, and an inner feeling of nothingness …

Now.. I had only 11 minutes left and I wasn’t feeling the pressure anymore .. somehow I went into a zone.. connected with my core.. with my own energy..

There was no thought in my head..

And.. without thinking ..

I reached out and pressed the go live button.. 3, 2, 1 ..

I spoke for 7 minutes, without any interruption.. the words were coming out naturally … I was just there .. sharing my thoughts, my ideas..

Right at that moment, and for the entire 7 minutes, I was swimming in a magical energy .. I was present ..

I found Presence..

My question is .. as always .. Can this be duplicated? Can I (and also you) get in touch with that kind of powerful, but neutral energy? Can I (and also you) get in the zone at my (your) will?

I don’t know how quickly we could get in the zone and allow this powerful life force energy take over for that profound calmness and authority .. but it’s certainly something worth experimenting whenever we find ourselves in anxious situations ..

Also a quick note: I’ve been curiously researching this force (as part of the Law of Three) last 6 months .. it was incredible to be able to finally feel it so strongly .. effectively ..

Before you leave, I’d like to share the following poem with you ..

Found Presence

Have you ever
sensed life
felt its magic
received its gifts
Maybe you have
While I was too busy
Getting pulled into
Success and failure
Being called
Good and bad
Labeled as
Beautiful and ugly
What if it’s all the same
As successful so failure
As good so bad
As beautiful so ugly
Wash all of that out
What remains is
Life itself
As pure as is
That is exactly
Where I found presence
And now I realize
I have never lived before

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