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1 – Feeling Stuck? Step out of your Comfort Zone

Are you feeling Stuck? Trapped?

For a long, long time.. I’ve been wondering about why most of us feel stuck .. and why, seemingly, only a few of us could dare to break free from their entrapped life ..


Is it really security that we can’t live without?

Or maybe it’s the fear of the unknown that we are trying to avoid?

Whatever it is, we all seem to be entrapped and entangled within some kind of stagnancy  ..

and isn’t it ironic that

where we feel trapped is

what we call comfort zone..

In reality, most of us intuitively know that there is something else waiting to be discovered .. maybe, a calling .. maybe a sense of purpose ..

This feeling is sometimes undeniable .. we are certain .. deep down in our hearts.. that we know that there is something beyond..

Yet .. we don’t seem to have the power to take the necessary steps to untangled everything..

So I’ve been wondering..

maybe .. there is a cause and effect why we feel so powerless to make a move to change..

Maybe we are supposed to feel stuck, and our comfort zone is supposed to feel tight .. maybe that way.. when things get tighter and tighter and then, and only then, we feel the urge to step out of our entrapments and explore what’s beyond..

maybe this urge to free ourselves from being stuck becomes the catalyst that pushes us to find our purpose one day .. and discover what’s waiting to be discovered..

I remember about 9 years ago, in my darkest hour… in my most depressed and anxious state..

a door appeared..

a door that led me to get to know myself and connect with my calling ..

I was a finance executive then, and I’m a spiritual mentor now..

But, my curiosity has grown bigger ever since ..


when I look back, I realize that my path followed some serious universal laws … I don’t think this transformation would have been possible otherwise..

Now.. I have an important question to explore..

can someone else follow the same footsteps and yield the same results that I experienced in my journey..

What if there is a door, a way, a secret gate that any-one can follow to higher levels of being and living..

Maybe there is roadmap to a more joyful and fulfilling life..

This is an invitation for you to explore the laws of the universe together with me.. and maybe experience what’s becomes available beyond the doors as things get revealed..

I’m hopeful and know that only your experience will be the evidence if you can, and if you will rise above your entrapments, free yourself from your limiting life patterns and realize your dreams.. your highest potential..

If you’re game to embark on this journey.. here’s a little exercise for you ..

Close your eyes..

Take a deep breath in.. then exhale all tension in your body out of your feet.. into the floor..

Now.. Can you step back and observe your life, and find the areas that you feel stuck.. ?? Is it health, relationships, money, career .. ??

Pay attention to the areas of your life where you have the most complaints.. most frustrations..

that’s usually where you feel most stuck..

So use your emotional reactions as your guide..

But try to observe the areas of your life without any judgment..

just notice, and acknowledge where you feel stuck..

That’s all..

Until next time, I leave you with one of my poems..

It’s called..


Wake me up


I’m ready

more than ready

it’s been very long

I’ve slept too much

again and again

but this time

I’m ready

to look for me

so show me the way

let me find

the door

that reveals

you to me

and leads

me to me

call me louder

so I hear

light my path

so I see

who I am

why I am here

what I’m supposed to be

I’m ready

I’m so ready

to wake up

and be completely me


August 11, 2017

. . . . .

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