Reveal to Me

I found myself sitting at a café in the afternoon of a rainy Saturday, somewhere in California, Northern parts to be exact..

As usual, watching people.. why this act enjoys me, I have no idea .. but looking at people walk by, makes me think about all these masks they carry ..

And I wonder .. as people walk by.. How many walks of life they carry? And .. if I had a chance to look into their lives, how many different doors I can open.. to the colors of life?

What do they go about life? What do they face every day?

How about me? How do I navigate through what I face, on a daily basis?

Among all of these thoughts, I realized, there are so many different faces, yet so familiar acts, further yet, so much in common.. among all of us.. longing, yearning, needing, belonging..

Where does it end?

Before that end – if we ever get there – .. what if there is something is right here.. something that has always been there, something within ..

What if whatever is within is there to come out.. if we could ever let it out..  out of its gift box that wraps it tightly.. for us to try ..

On that Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t help but ask my self to reveal itself to me.. who ever is real me .. within me .. I beg my self to let me discover the real me ..

Without being what I have to be .. or what others expect me to be ..

I’m afraid.. afraid of the unknown .. I have no idea who’s going to appear.. as real me ..  but I feel like I need to keep asking my self to reveal itself to me ..

And the following words followed my thoughts..

Reveal to Me

I’m lost
In the dark
One day
I feel I can’t
All my hands
My legs
In weakness
In despair
I scream
I can’t take it
Any more
One more day
Next day
I feel I can
Every thing
Now my head
Bigger than ever
I am grand
In awe
Of my worth
The world feels
Like mine
I can do anything
Then what
Where am I
In all of this
Who am I
Doing things
Where do I belong
Feels like nowhere
At the same time
Every where
But maybe after all
Just to this moment
Where and when
I feel
Neither good
Nor bad
With out judgment
Of my self
To feel
Real me
To reveal me
Who I am
As real
As I am


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